BNCA Officer Elections Feb 2016

Annual Officer Elections are coming soon!! Elections are held yearly during the February meeting, and according to our bi-laws, all paid members may participate in the voting process for Officers. However, new members do have to have made payment at least 30 days prior to the elections. We always are looking for concerned individuals to join our officer team, to serve our community to make our neighborhood stronger. 

Couple of open positions & incumbents will be voted upon.

For only $10 a year, be part of your Brookland Neighbors’ strong constituent voice for our Brookland neighborhood. Please join us at our February 16th, 2016 meeting at 7PM. Be part of the positive voice for our community.

Join Us – cost – only $10 a year, show your concern for your neighborhood and boast with a BNCA bumper sticker!
BNCA Bumber Sticker

Please find the BNCA Membership Form from our Website and mail $10 to BNCA PO BOX 4457, WASH DC 20017 or bring to our next meeting at Brooks Mansion on February 16th, 2016. Blank forms will be available at the meeting and at our February Social on Feb 22 as well.

*Renewing members – please indicate if you had any changes to your email, phone number or address.

Thank you in advance!!

Neighborhood Watch Training Sessions

The MPD is planning Citywide Neighborhood Watch Training Sessions in the district. We had the pleasure at our last meeting to host Samantha Nolan, one of the trainers.

BNCA hopes that the we can bring a Neighborhood Watch Training session here in the greater Brookland area this May!! Please come to the next meeting to learn our plans to have a meeting for our Greater Neighborhood, Check out  the MPDC website or join us at our February meeting and/or BNCA Social to learn more.
Also: A a very helpful document, please open and complete your own  ValuablePropertyRecord.
If you are a victim of crime or  home disaster, this information will be of great assistance to you!
Looking forward to your participation!

BNCA JAN MEETING _Brooks Mansion

Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association

January 19, 2016 @7pm – 8:30pm

Brooks Mansion – 901 Newton St NE

Meeting Agenda

6:30-7:00pm – Membership Renewal – See details below
7:00 –Neighborhood Watch Presentation by Samantha Nolan, Citywide Trainer
7:15 – Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie
Community Issues & Concerns questions answered
7:45 – Councilmembers Elissa Silverman and David Grosso
Remarks and Discussion about Paid Leave Act (B21-415)
  8:15 – Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association Business
Treasurer’s report
Announcements/2016 Calendar
Join us for a BNCA  Social Hour – Tuesday February 23 @6-8pm Serendipity Jazz Coffeehouse 3301 12TH ST NE
Community Concerns
8:30 – Adjourn

2016 Membership Drive

Please arrive early to renew memberships for 2016, Please bring a new neighbor and/or friend. Will accept Cash, check and Credit card this year. For only $10 a year, a member can be part of a strong voice in our neighborhood and receive a BNCA bumper sticker.

BNCA StickerPlease use the Membership Form from our Website and mail $10 to BNCA PO BOX 4457, WASH DC 20017 or bring to our next meeting at Brooks Mansion on January 19th, 2016 .

Renewals, please indicate if you had any changes to your email, phone number or address.

Thank you in advance!!


Providence Hospital Lecture Hall (Ground Floor)

12th Street NE, DC BNCA_NOV Meeting

Saturday Nov 14 09:30-10:30AM with a Community Ft Bunker Hill Clean-up stating at 11

Lecture Hall Directions: Enter through main hospital entrance, go to the right, pass the receptionist desk, continue pass gift shop on the left, continue to the end of the corridor where there is a symbol of the Cross; turn left, proceed pass the two elevators, then turn right; (there are Lecture Hall signs on the wall at this point). After turn, proceed to the end of the corridor for the Lecture Hall.
OR members may ask for directions at the receptionist desk in the main hospital entrance.

1. Welcome
2. Treasurer’s Report
3. National Park Service Partnership Agreement
4. DC Statehood Efforts
5. Update on Development Projects in Brookland: 818 Michigan Avenue, 1010 Irving Street
6. Community Concerns
7. Adjourn early to go to Fort Bunker Hill for the Clean Up Day

Please join us at the Ft Bunker Hill Clean-Up =>>Corner of 14th and Otis St. NE at 11:00 am<==

Effects on Brookland during Pope’s Visit :

What we know now – Traffic & Road Closures– [[no maps currently available]]

•Huge crowds are expected as Pope Francis visits D.C. Sept 22-24th
•Expect 3 days of traffic and transit congestion
•Expect Brookland-CUA station Metro to extremely busy, 9/23 for ‘Mass at the Basilica’
•Metro will run near rush hour service throughout the day
•Amtrak said it’s adding extra trains
•Metro anticipates bus detours and delays. Riders should build in extra time to get to destinations
•Load credit on SmarTrip cards in advance and know your routes
•Fed on a “SNOW DAY” the 23rd- check with your employer too!

Itinerary – Pope DC Visit- Large scale rolling road closures are expected:

1.White House(Sept. 23, 9:15 a.m.)
2.St. Matthew’s Cathedral near Dupont Circle (Sept. 23, 11:30 a.m.)
3.Mass of Canonization of Junipero Serra at the Basilica (Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 4:15 p.m.)
•ZERO parking at the Basilica for this Mass
•25,000 people have tickets, expect many more to be outside
•Expect Edgewood, Brookland, and surrounding neighborhoods to be inundated by car/pedestrian/bike parking & traffic.
•Rush hour traffic will be a mess-“UNDERSTATEMENT”
•If able -> DO NOT DRIVE on the 23rd & avoid CUA/Brookland Metro Station <-

    4.U.S. Capitol (Sept. 24, 9:20 a.m.)
    5.St. Patrick in the City (Sept. 24, 11:15 a.m.)

Parking Garage Petition

Several BNCA members in the Perry Place Neighborhood have joined together to stop the development of a garage in our small, family oriented community.
Serious concerns on pollution, congestion, poor land use which will be made worse by the huge influx of cars to the proposed garage. [Think 7 miles of cars back to back!]

A petition has been created to send to Kurt Newman, MD, President Children’s National Medical Center, Ramu Potarazu, Secretary-Treasurer, and 8 others.

If you are interested in signing the petition, please click here:

Please feel free to forward this on to your networks!

BNCA SEPTEMBER MEETING @ Elsie Whitlow Stokes School

Please join us for our monthly meeting next week on Tuesday, September 15 at 7:00pm at Elsie Whitlow Stokes School Auditorium, 3700 Oakview Terrace NE, Washington, DC 20017.

Also, be sure to check out the BNCA POST which has some important postings about the proposed parking garage project in the neighborhood and information about how the visit of the Pope could affect our neighborhood.

Lastly, Rhode Island Avenue Fall Festival on October 3rd- looking for volunteers to staff the BNCA table 1-2 hour shifts. Come out and meet your neighbors!! Sign-up sheet avail at the meeting



Hello BNCA Members:
There is much happening in our neighborhood.. be informed, be involved, become a member or visit us for a meeting.

Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association at Brooks Mansion, 901 Newton Street NE on Tuesday, July 21, 2015. Meeting time is 7:00 to 8:30pm. Entrance door faces the Metro station on Newton St.

The meeting agenda includes:

1. Welcome
2. Financial report
3. Dance Place Art Park Update
4. Office of the Attorney General& Office of CM McDuffie Update
5. 2016 Brookland Day [Insights, history, and future]
6. Membership Update
7. Additonal Updates, News, and Announcements [Includes: Pepco meager, Parking garage LTR, 901 Reed St. and Fall FBH Cleanup]

Please mark your calendar. Looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

Ft. Bunker Hill Park Cleanup

On April 18, 2015, many volunteers from the Brookland neighborhood came to the Fort Bunker Hill Park and participated in a clean-up effort.  The focus for the day was removal of trash, which we succeeded with many filled bags by the end of the gathering. Also present were representatives from the NPS who will be working with us on future clean-up projects.

Historical DC Civil War Defense Marker

Historical DC Civil War Defense Marker

Fort Bunker Hill Park, A National Park, is the highest point in our Brookland neighborhood and located within the borders of 13th, 14th, Otis and Perry Streets. Built in 1861, FBH is part of the DC Civil Wars’ ‘Circle of Forts’ Defense System in NE, Washington DC. As a part of our Nations History, it is important to show stewardship for our park in the Heart of Brookland. For more History of the Ft. Bunker Hill Park please see ◦2004 Civilian Conservation Corps Report on History of Fort Bunker Hill Park

Overall, it was a great day and look forward to routinely working with the NPS to continue on improving the park to make it a better place for us all to visit. Thanks to everyone that participated and we look forward to the Fall clean-up.

Volunteers at FBH park

Volunteers at the park

Park Ranger & Volunteers

Park Ranger & Volunteers